The Grade is organized by the CMU Monterols. The Christian orientation of its activities is entrusted to Opus Dei, the personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.

CMU Monterols
Corint, 3 08006 BARCELONA
93 201 47 77,


A heterogeneous team of experts in education or in other professional fields plans and organizes the sessions.

Javier Guillen
Program Director. Businessman. Member of Grupo Status SA, dedicated to the selection of managers for companies.

Octavio Rico
Executive director of the program. High School Teacher (Biology and Geology). Barcelona.

Gorka Beteta
Bachelor of Law by the UAB and Diploma in Teaching by the Complutense University of Madrid. Assistant Director of the program. Director of Monterols. Coordinator of the high school seminar.

Miquel Àngel Aragonés
Degree in Philology. High School Teacher (Language). Expert in training teenagers in leisure.

José Quintano
ESO seminar advisor. Bachelor of Philosophy, University of Barcelona. High School Teacher.

Albert Guivernau

Degree in economics. Professor Abat Oliva University, CEU. BDM Bastian Films, Director Think Outside The Box Academy.